Reality of an augmented future

Augmented reality (AR) software has been around for quite some time, but it wasn't until the success of Pokemon Go that it really hit mainstream attention. Now everyone is looking at ways to incorporate AR into new applications across a wide range of industries. And there are compelling reasons for this. AR technology provides a software application advantages that were just not possible in the past and in many applications it add huge value. Here are some basics of AR from the perspectives of software product owner which we advise our customers so that they consider incorporating AR into their applications.)

Client Win

The client is a global leader in advanced analytical instruments for laboratories and online process applications for refinery, petrochemical, biofuel, offshore etc industries, with a product portfolio of over 200 instruments and supporting software. The client needed testing expertise for testing the embedded software within its instruments including functional, load and performance testing. Silicus will offer end to end testing services including test scenario creations, master test plan creation, setting up the test environment and executing test cases for priority modules in TFS & Performance Load testing.)

Multi-Device, Responsive Healthcare Software Development

The client offers software for pre-op, operation and post-operative procedural checklists for doctors, nurses, administrators and patients. The client’s solution reduces administrative overload in hospitals by providing general and customized best practice checklists to the procedural specialists. It also helps improve surgical efficiencies through its tailored best practices.)